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We use the Facebook Booking feature to create a tight and accurate schedule. When you click the button below you will be taken to the Adelaide Punkin Facebook Booking Page there you will see an online form for selecting options for Booking... Fill out the form compleetly to start the contact and booking process. You will be able to schedule an audition, book a performance or request volunteer time.

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Gigs... Past, Present & Future

If you scroll down the page you can see all the archived flyers, posters, banners and all the dates from Punkin performances, current gigs, and future places to catch the music live or during a broadcast. Follow the links and let me know if your coming to a show or let me know if you were at a previous show on the list. I Can't wait to see you all at the next gig!


2019 Gigs & Showes


01/11/19 LaSalle's - Collinsville, CT

02/23/19 Art Life Culture POP-UP Gallery, Harwinton CT

02/24/19 Michael Angelios, New Hartford CT

02/24/19 Good Company Coffee House, Torrington CT

03/18/19 The Hot Spot - WAPJ Radio Interview, Torrington CT

03/22/19 LaSalle's - Collinsville, CT

03/28/19 Acoustic Showcase - Charter Cable TV Interview, Winsted CT

03/31/19 Michael Angelios, New Hartford CT

04/13/19 Steam Vent Coffee House, Winsted CT

04/18/19 Green Door Speakeasy (Dinner), Collinsville CT

04/19/19 LaSalle's - Collinsville, CT

04/28/19 Green Door Speakeasy (Brunch), Collinsville CT

05/11/19 AIM & ALC Collaborative Art Auction - New England Carousel Museum, Bristol CT

05/16/19 Green Door Speakeasy (Dinner), Collinsville CT

05/19/19 Stonehouse Bar & Grill, Baltic CT

05/26/19 Green Door Speakeasy (Brunch), Collinsville CT

06/01/19 8th Annual Middletown Music Festival, Middletown CT

06/07/19 LaSalle's - Collinsville, CT

06/08/19 Laurelive Benefit Concert, Winstead CT

06/08/19 (Private Party) Hubble Family Farm, Litchfield, CT

06/15/19 69th Annual NCCUMC Strawberry Festival, North Canton CT

06/18/19 Klekolo World Coffee, Middletown CT

06/20/19 Green Door Speakeasy (Dinner), Collinsville CT

06/21/19 Make Music Day- Art Life Culture, Harwinton CT

06/22/19 3rd annual Harwinton food truck festival "A Taste of Summer in Harwinton!", Harwinton, CT

06/23/19 Green Door Speakeasy (Brunch), Collinsville CT

06/23/19 Pride Celebration (Dinner), Burlington CT

06/27/19 2019 Unionville Summer Concert Series, Unionville CT

07/11/19  Burlington Farmers Market, Burlington CT 

07/18/19 Burlington Farmers Market, Burlington CT

07/19/19 Opening for Surf Blaster, Collinsville Slab, Collinsville CT

07/20/19 Collinsville Hot, Collinsville CT



Playing Regularly Friday's @ LaSalle's- Collinsville, CT

4/14/18- Steam Vent Coffee House- Winsted, CT

4/30/18- Porch Time w/ Bill Benson- TV Appearance

6/1/18- Kidstock- Hubble Family Farm, Litchfield CT

6/3/18- Harwinton Food Truck Festival- Harwinton, CT

6/16/18- 67th North Canton Strawberry Festival North-Canton, CT

6/18/18 - WAPJ 89.9 FM- Torrington, CT area & Streaming

6/23/18 - Still River Music Festival- Riverton, CT

07/01/18 - 07/30/18 -
Hosting Every Wednesday @ Finnegan’s Tavern- Burlington, CT

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9/15/18- Punkinstock IV- Burlington, CT

9/16/18- Tavern Day- Burlington CT

9/29/18- Celebrate Avon- Avon, CT

10/17/18- The Slab- Collinsville CT

10/18/18- Locapalooza- Bethany, CT

10/18/18- Art Life Culture- Harwinton, CT

10/20/18- LaFamillia- Canton CT

10/26/18- LaFamillia- Canton CT

10/28/18- Whigville Harvest Festival- Whigville, CT

12/2018- Lite 100.5 WRCH Christmas Wish CT Celebration